Thursday, September 30, 2010

Starview Records

Bill Handy - ...Water / The Mystery Of Landra 7"
Starview Records
Catalog : s-1007
Produced By Jimmy Thomason , Arr: Coy Fowler
Song Credits : Ray W. / C.Fowler-G.Moles
Notes : Recorded at Bakersfield Sound Studios , My copy has a damaged A-side , not sure of correct Song title

Bill Handy - Wake Up Old World / Ecology 7"
Starview Records
Catalog : S-1014
Produced By Tom Brumley
Song Credits : Jim McCay / J. McCay , B.Handy
Notes : Dedicated To Genie

Sandy Holly - Antique In My Closet / From Miss To Mistake 7"
Starview Records
Catalog : S-1020
Produced By Gene Moles
Song Credits: L.Cole-B.Cole (Side B Only)

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